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Diabetes is not about obesity. It is much more than that and it causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

  • Diabetes effects women during pregnancy,
  • it effects children from early ages,
  • it is the reason for men to underperform in sexual activities,
  • it is the 5th leading cause related to death of women and
  • the 8th leading cause of death in overall in people’s life.

Diabetes is one of the deadliest disease which effects 8.8% of our population (422 million people!) 

Your donation today will go a long way in helping to provide a better understanding, life quality and treatment suggestions which all can lead towards the search for a cure.

How to donate and help the work

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Ways to donate:

  • Make a Simple donation and become a supporter in the fight against diabetes
  • Make a Memorial donation for remembering the life and memory of someone you love
  • Make an Honor donation for a friend or loved one with a gift in their name.

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Why is different?

There are multiple internet sites and associations focusing on Type 2 Diabetes which is related to the obesity and other lifetime choices. Sadly Diabetes is commonly associated only with the Type 2 one.

The aim is to ensure a usable knowledge and tools for those who suffer from the other five types of diabetes. These are the children, the pregnant women, the pre-diabetics, the victims of Type 1 Diabetes and Alzheimer‘s. A significant group of people who has nothing to do with obesity, yet they are still victims of some forms of Diabetes.

The main focus is to help all the victims by highlighting the differences and offering knowledge and tools for a better life quality.

Purpose of the donation – Solutions which put People into the centre

The next aims for the year 2018 are solutions which put People into the centre:

  1. Offering an extended knowledge base and vocabulary for all the six types of Diabetes (and not just for obesity).
  2. The aim is to launch a Diabetes educational app for all ages starting from toddlers up to elderly people.
  3. Offering a Diabetes measurement management platform for Diabetes riders and for their relatives. As it is described below the aim is to offer a peace of mind feeling for all the family members and relatives.
  4. The aim is to add to the Diabetes management solutions a non-invasive tool to achieve a pain free and more precise blood sugar measurement for people living with Diabetes. This has a highly importance especially for families where Diabetes effects young children and elderly people who need more attention and support.

Every small amount counts

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Solutions for Parents and Relatives

Diabetes Mellitus and its different types effect directly Diabetics, although the disease has a great impact on the family and relatives as well.

For example with Type 1, Juvenile Diabetes the parents already have a higher responsibility from the early age of the child. The parents have an obligation to continuously monitor the blood sugar level and to calculate and adjust the insulin based on the daily meals.

Although this process is working well with most of the families at a certain point of life the parents should let their children to kindergarten or school, where they have less control over the environment.

A child with Diabetes always needs support, however among the educators and teachers the willingness to do so is not always there. In fact, kindergartens or schools often refuse to accommodate a child with Diabetes.

Often it is pointed out to parents that one can not assume the responsibility, that the staff is not trained for it and they are fearful to be liable for any errors.

To demonstrate the weight of this problem with an example in Germany there are 17,500 children under 14 years suffering of Diabetes. Up to 2,500 Type 1 Diabetic children added annually, notably children under five. Therefore a very large number of families are struggling to find a kindergarten or a school for their Diabetic children.

And it is an undeniable fact that more and more children get Type 1 Diabetes. This often causes problems for parents in school enrollment or to find a day care place.

Most educators and teachers must be aware that every now and then a child appears with Diabetes in their group or class. They also have to deal with the fact that these children need more attention and help in the management of Diabetes, at least until the end of primary school. It is not so easy, since every child from the age of two has the right to day care or nursery school and the groups are larger.

It is a sad thing, but kindergartens and schools often take a chronically ill child in the class such as a child with asthma over a Diabetic child. Of course there are always exceptions. However a child can not be discriminated under no circumstances just because of an illness.

Sadly families often face with the same problem with elderly homes.

This was also one of my main motivation factor when I initiated the project. Already the ability to care for over 422 Million Diabetic people is a game changer. However we wanted to focus also on our next generation, the children who deserve the very best.

The thing is that we are living in a technology driven World. In most of the countries in the World Internet and mobile communication are available. So if technology is granted then it depends only on our willingness whether we offer a medical solution for these Diabetic people which creates a better living quality or not.

Using the Internet of Things technology, there is a possibility to collect information from non-invasive glucose monitoring sensors.

We are capable to ensure children a 100% pain-free Diabetes management device combined with the technological advantage of an analytics and alerting software. This alerting can be a great help for both the educators and the school teachers, and also for the parents and relatives since they can get real-time information about the health and well being of their loved ones.

The maintenance of a solution like this is relatively cheap, since it only requires a WiFi internet router in the kindergarten or the school for the proper data communication.

For the children there are many ways to make the blood glucose monitoring device fun. First of all it can be implemented into any kind of wearables, such as jewelry, watch, bracelet, ear rings, etc. Secondly due to the globally available 3D printing technologies they can customize them. It can be a very fun accessory for the children, while a bullet proof health monitoring tool for the parents and the educators.

Founding, we decided to offer a solution which puts People into the centre and I believe this is our unique advantage. The unique combination of our Cloud based software platform and the future non-invasive medical device is that it allows people all around the World to be in charge in the fight against the Diabetes disease.

The aim is to have one place to store all the Diabetes treatment related information and it can be also a real-time connection between the patients and the doctors. It also includes wide range of real-time reports to help to track the key health indicators and influencing activities, events.

Once you give permissions, your doctor can see your real-time reports and there are possibilities for suggestions and immediate adjustments in your treatment.

It could be also a global solution for children, elderly people and all those in needs for control over their Diabetic state. A solution which puts People into the centre, which I believe is our unique advantage.

Of course for a solution such as we aim with has the same old problem. As a medical device it needs a CE or FDA approval which takes millions of Euros and without a joint common effort the idea will die due to the lack of funds. Although imagine the piece of mind feeling that a solution such as this one could offer for millions of families.

One of the most dangerous time period for people with Diabetes is at night, so now people with Diabetes could have a continuos sugar guard.

Or imagine having a sudden Hypoglycemic event whilst driving or imagine the situation when you accidentally under-dose your child. This solution could alert you and your loved ones, it would be able to send readings back to their mobile app even when they are not present.

Most importantly you could be constantly aware of the health of your loved ones.

We count on your help

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