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Diabetes for Christmas

Rapper Chedda Cheese
Rapper Chedda Cheese was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Christmas last year. / Photo via Diabetes Daily

Rapper @CheddaCheeseRap was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Christmas last year. In his latest song, he talks about the diagnosis and how it has affected his life.

From his website:

“Chedda Cheese is a rapper, singer, songwriter & producer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is known in particular for his humorous style and cheesy songs but also displays a large range of styles mainly within the hip-hop & pop music genres.”

You can learn more about his music on the Chedda Cheese Music website and YouTube channel.

You can also read the “Diabetes for Christmas” song lyrics if you are interested.

(Warning: Song includes a couple of mild curse words.)

Originally published at Diabetes Daily

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