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Change Your Habits by Doing These Two Things

Photo Credit: Roman Drits (Barn Images) via Diabetes Daily

Habits make up our actions and actions create our results. If we want different results we know we need to change some of our habits.

The difficulty is that habits are often longtime ingrained acts that don’t require much thought or consideration. So changing them is particularly tough.

The key to changing our habits is changing what we think and believe. In today’s world full of constant media consumption, it can be a struggle to keep what’s going in as entertainment in line with what our true desires and goals are.

Most of us would like to improve our diabetes management with some new habits. How can we leverage aspects of our lives to help fuel us in our positive goals?

Consume Media With Mindfulness

Whenever you watch, read, or listen to anything, try to give some attention to choosing based on what messages you want to receive.

What if you carefully curated what you expose yourself to so that it could boost you towards your goals?

Example: If your goal is to check your blood sugar more often but struggle to because it hurts and the fear of an out-of-range number holds you back, try to determine what trait you’d like to strengthen in yourself. In this example it might be courage. So when you pick out your next book or movie, choose one that has a character who displays courage as a way to help pump you up. Avoid something that has a main character with a weakness in that particular department since that isn’t going to provide you any motivation.

Another example: If your goal is to have more discipline so that you can stick to a certain way of eating without derailing yourself then seek stories and characters that demonstrate great amounts of self-restraint. Who cares if they are fictional? You could watch a documentary or history related show but the point is that whatever goes in often does more than we think. We want to support ourselves in our goals and our mind should be aided and not weakened by the messages we subject it to when we’re least on our guard.

Watch Out Who You Spend Time With

Also influential are the people we hang out with. Are they reaching their goals? Are they positive examples for you? If not, be careful not to spend too much time with them. It’s tough staying afloat when someone is trying to pull you under. You need influences and support towards your goals and not away from them.

We live like those we live around and if we want to change how we live, we have to detach to some extent so that we can form our new habits. Once that’s done, it can be easier to spend time with those who live differently because an ingrained habit maintains itself pretty well. Plus, then we can serve as a positive influence for others who want what we have.

Try to spend time around those whose actions support the changes you are looking to make. They can provide guidance as well as the proof you need that “it can be done”.

Avoiding certain people for a time sounds brutal but it’s akin to putting on your parachute before you help anybody put on theirs.

The New Year is right around the corner. Most of us have habits we want to change or improve. Consider these two techniques that can provide a boost to all your determination and effort.

Originally published by Sysy Morales at Diabetes Daily

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