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Chanelle Hayes ‘concerned’ after doctors say diabetes risk due to her weight could lead to complications during pregnancy

Chanelle Hayes
Chanelle Hayes / Photo via Mirror Online

Chanelle Hayes has been told by doctors that her weight means she is at risk of gestational diabetes, which could lead to complications during pregnancy.

The former Big Brother star, 29, is said to have been left ‘upset and really concerned’ by the news and has been undergoing tests for the condition.

Gestational diabetes can lead to problems including the baby growing larger than normal, premature birth and pre-eclampsia, which causes high blood pressure.

A source told The Sun: ‘Her weight means she’s still classed as obese and she’s in the highest risk bracket.

‘Chanelle’s upset and is really concerned about it.

‘She once saw a television programme about a woman with gestational diabetes who ended up being hospitalised for three months. It’s a huge worry for her.’

MailOnline has contacted a representative for Chanelle for comment.

The worrying news comes after the television personality shared her first baby scan on Instagram last month.

She captioned the image with the words: ‘You can’t properly tell here but bump was giving us a thumbs up! ❤️’

Chanelle has previously spoken about her fears that she was suffering from cancer after undergoing blood tests at the doctors, before discovering she was pregnant with her second child with boyfriend Ryan Oates.

She has also said in the past that she was concerned her weight gain had left her unable to have children, explaining that her chances of conceiving had diminished even further after she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries.

Chanelle – who is already mother to six-year-old son Blakely from her previous relationship with footballer Matthew Bates – is 16 weeks pregnant and is due to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world in September.

She and Ryan recently celebrated their first anniversary together, with Chanelle marking the date by sharing a picture of the pair looking loved-up.

She wrote: ‘Happy 1st anniversary to this little stud muffin @ryanoates8 ❤️❤️’

She also took to Twitter to write: ‘Happy Anniversary @RyanJOates love you millions,’ to which he responded: ‘What an amazing year it’s been! I love you too @chanellejhayes.’

She previously told Davina McCall and Phillip Schofield on This Morning: ‘I want to have more children – not right now obviously because it’s basically impossible, because I don’t think it would be possible. It’s terrifying.’

The former Big Brother star has previously said she is ‘on the brink’ of type 2 diabetes, has an irregular menstrual cycle and slipped two discs in her back last year because of her size.

In addition, she has constant pain in her left knee, and is on Tramadol and other painkillers because her weight is simply ‘too heavy’ for her frame.

She said: ‘My back’s really really bad. When I have been to the doctors they have said it’s because of your weight.

‘I really do want to slim down to feel good but also to be healthy. I was happy at 14-16. I’m an 18 now. I’m on Tramadol, all types of painkillers because I’m too heavy for my frame.’

Originally written by EMILY CHAN and JABEEN WAHEED, published at Mail Online

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